Written by Andrea Luzzi

On March 26, 1987, Nike debuted its first sneaker showcasing the Swoosh’s now iconic Air technology through a side-visibility window — the Air Max 1. Thirty-three years later, and with the continual ingenuity of Nike Air by way of Air Manufacturing Innovation, the company still celebrates the revolutionary cushioning platform on the release date of its first shoe.

A brand new silhouette has been released, the Air Max 2090, designed to illustrate what the future holds and inspired by electric and solar-powered vehicles, whereas an old acquaintance, the Air Max 90, has seen several new iterations including an exclusive collar with Japanese retailer Atmos.

Lastly, Nike has published on the SNEAKRS app a video entitled The Story of Air Max: 90 to 2090 in which the most famous snesakers from the last thirty years are told through the words of prominent figures such as Dilan Raasch, DJ Clark Kent, Edson Sabajo and many others.

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In case you missed it, you can watch again the video at this link.