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Exploring RetroSuperFuture: The Iconic Eyewear Brand


Sunglasses are more than mere accessories; they're a significant style statement that reflects the personality and individuality of the wearer. Amidst the sea of eyewear brands on the market, RetroSuperFuture stands out as a design icon, offering a blend of retro and contemporary aesthetics that have captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts and those seeking a distinctive touch for their look.


The Story of RetroSuperFuture

RetroSuperFuture, often abbreviated as SUPER, is a high-end sunglasses brand founded in Milan, Italy, in 2007. The creative mind behind the brand is designer Daniel Beckerman. From the outset, RetroSuperFuture's goal has been to create unique and cutting-edge sunglasses that grab attention for their bold and distinctive designs.


Innovative Design

One of RetroSuperFuture's key strengths is its innovative approach to design. The brand consistently challenges conventions with bold and original models. From lens shapes to frames, every pair of sunglasses makes a style statement. RetroSuperFuture is renowned for its wide range of available designs, including iconic rectangular, round, aviator, and many more shapes. Their color palette is equally extensive, offering both classic and bold options to cater to all tastes.


Quality Materials

Beyond aesthetics, RetroSuperFuture places significant emphasis on the quality of materials. They use high-quality acetate for frames, which is lightweight, durable, and comfortable to wear. Furthermore, the lenses are crafted from premium materials to ensure clear vision and UV protection.


Exclusive Collaborations

One of the most intriguing features of RetroSuperFuture is its series of exclusive collaborations with artists, designers, and internationally acclaimed brands. These collaborations have given rise to special collections of eyewear that often become sought-after collector's items among fashion enthusiasts. From musicians to luxury clothing brands, RetroSuperFuture has partnered with prominent names to create limited editions that combine the creative talents of both parties.


Celebrity Choice

RetroSuperFuture has quickly become a celebrity choice worldwide. Many film, music, and fashion stars have been photographed wearing the brand's iconic eyewear. This exposure has cemented the brand's reputation as a symbol of style and originality.



RetroSuperFuture is much more than just a sunglasses brand; it's a style statement celebrating individuality and boldness. With its innovative design, quality materials, and exclusive collaborations, RetroSuperFuture has established itself as one of the most sought-after eyewear brands globally. If you're looking for a way to express your personal style and stand out from the crowd, RetroSuperFuture might be exactly what you need. With their extensive range of designs and colors, there's a pair of RetroSuperFuture sunglasses for every personality and occasion.